Featuring a fleet of microphones and preamps likely to satisfy the most demanding clientele, our recording studio allows us to bring back precisely the intention of your performance or expression.

Our staff members pay special attention to the reception and everyone’s comfort, and set the proper conditions to each project’s success thanks to their know-how and knowledges .


The architecture, the acoustic design and the equipment of our recording facility allow us to reach a high-end audio quality.

The combination of digital / analog (outboards, Neve console, monitoring) offers many possibilities in terms of coloration and meets current standards of the Music Industry worldwide.


With outboard gears unanimously acclaimed  (Manley, Pendulum, Tube-Tech, Lynx Audio, Antelope Audio…) and a neutral listening environment, our facility is able to handle the finalization of your productions (stereo or stem mastering ).

We master for physical supports (CD, Vinyls) and digital distribution platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Youtube, iTunes…).

Music Production

PEach artistic project is unique and calls for the greatest attention.

We combine the know-hows of our team of Senior producers with efficient tools to transform your projects into professional productions.

Our composers, arrangers and lyricists of different genres (such as électro, rock, black music, urban…) are by your side to support you help you make the best choices.

Sound Design

Sound, although invisible, is a major part of every video production.
Sound Design consists of creating or highlighting emotions through sound.

From the simple door slam to the most complex FX’s , sound design is an art in its own right which will bring the relief necessary to the credibility of your productions.

Mobile Studio

In the interest of certain projects, when it is for example about capturing the sound soul of a place, it is sometimes better or even necessary to do an on-site recording.

In this context, we developed a mobile recording unit, allowing us to guarantee optimal quality of capture, no matter the place, no matter the conditions.


Clermont-Ferrand, international capitale of short film, is at the crossroads of worldwide cinematographic creation..

We propose music composition, orchestration and production services,  suitable for short, medium-lenght films and feature films, documentaries, series, tv movies, as well as commercials.

Working for more than 10 years with creative minds of the Industry , we experience our innovative approach by forming partnerships with les professionals of the territory, such as  “les Studios Palace”, ideally located in Moulins, halfway between-Paris and Budapest.

From the quatuor to the whole symphonic orchestra, we fit our offer of sound recording to all the places full of emotion, to always bring the  work at the heart of creation.

Artistic Residency

Do you want to work on your project in an idyllic place, without outside world distractions?

Our partner Tour du Sud offers you the ideal setting.

Integrating different modular spaces, adaptable as well to creation, pre-studio rehearsing or for pre-touring rehearsing, and offering associated accommodation and catering services, Tour du Sud is a place out of space and time, located 5 minutes from downtown Clermont-Ferrand and nestled in a natural setting overlooking the city.

Training Center

Whether you are looking for group modules or individual coaching, we offer a wide range of trainings, from beginner to advanced levels.


Our courses, oriented toward practicality and concrete, are given all year round, depending on demand.


We are also proud to be Waves Audio’s Official Certification Center for France.

Upperground TV

Upperground TV is our YouTube Channel.

Only showcasing for now a few videos of artists that worked with us, we are currently producing new content, such as pro audio hardware and software tests, comparisons between plugin emulations of analog outboard gears and “the real deal” that we have the chance to own and use every day, also courses & tutorial videos that cover our daily jobs as Producers and Sound Engineers, the problematics we encounter and how we deal with them, as well as in-depth subjects such as how to create a mixing template, what is compression and how to us it, and so on.


UG Records is our record label.

We propose both production and co-production contracts to artists and labels, using our assets and expertise in different kind of projects, to bring them to the highest level of artistic and technical quality.  

Ready to start your new project?